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Sunday, December 25, 2011

Tips for Using Credit Cards Wisely

Offers many advantages. Payments are comfortable, cut prices on a variety of restaurant or hotel and many other advantages. However, credit cards can also bring many problems, if you are not careful in using it.
Use that it can easily make you falls asleep with constantly swiping a credit card regardless of the obligations that must be paid at the end of the month. Well, if you have this you will realize when the bill is bloated.

If you use a credit card wisely, then the credit card can make your life easier. As quoted how, here are tips for using credit cards.

1. Always pay the full bill every month. Interest in credit cards is usually higher, so do not procrastinate so as not liable to pay interest many times over.

2. Customize your purchase with the money they had. If you do not have money saved, then do not use credit cards. Make sure you still have enough money to pay off your credit card bills.

3. Avoid using credit cards in places that do not cooperate with your credit card. Usually if the machine does not support credit card with your credit card, will incur a charge of 3 percent. Dependant charge will be paid by the credit card owner. So this will hurt you.

4. Use only one credit card only. Do not be lulled by credit card offerings. If you have two or three credit cards you actually bother of having to pay dues per year. In addition, having a credit card more than one further encourage you to spend more.

6. Avoid taking cash on credit cards. Flowers are borne will be huge if you take cash from the banks that issue credit cards. So try, do not take money from credit cards.

7. Keep your credit card number information. Do not just buy stuff online with your credit card number. If you want to shop online, make sure the place you are shopping already trusted. Credit card numbers can be abused and used by others.

8. Always check the bills every month. This is to avoid your credit card used by others.


Tips and Tricks using a credit card to avoid debt

Who wants to trellis debt and the catch-chased by debt collector? Especially in the period in which every person can easily make a credit card as now, consumers are free to buy more consumer goods without realizing the high interest credit card, then you need to apply the following surefire tactics to prevent that you are not harassed by debt collectors.

1. Prioritize Largest Flower

Credit card bill will bloom and the flowers will bloom again. That's why; you have to pay off your bills. If funds are not enough, give priority to paying credit card bills from banks that apply the highest interest, especially if you have credit card debt of more than one. Let's say you owe 2 million dollars in bank A are applied rate of 10 percent and 1 million dollars in bank B, which charge interest rates of 8 percent. Repayment of debt means that you must prioritize the debts of the bank A

2. Bring Claims in One Account

If you are delinquent credit card debt in several banks, move the bills on one of the banks that charge the lowest interest rates. You can also report on the credit card issuing bank that you want to move the credit card accounts because of the high competition among banks typically they dared to offer a lower interest rate.

3. Use for Durable Goods

Basically there is nothing wrong with the presence of a credit card as long as it is used appropriately and discipline pay.
Use a credit card to pay for items that provide more value even though you have paid off payment. For example for education or buying a computer. Avoid swipe a credit card to pay for concert tickets, vacation expenses, or eating in restaurants.

That need to be understood, credit cards are a way to borrow money from banks for 25-30 days. Take advantage of this time to pay credit card bills so that you are safe from the flowers.

This Tips Using Credit Cards

Jakarta - Bank Indonesia (BI) cautioned to customers and prospective customers in their use of credit cards in order not to fall and was in debt. What information should be known by the credit card holder?
Associate Analyst Bank Indonesia Sri Yulia Parayudhanti reveals both to holders and prospective credit card holders need to know basic things before using this card.

"It is important, for prospective customers and clients to know these basic things that customers will not get caught and if they feel aggrieved clients understand their rights," Sri said when met at the sidelines of the Transparency Products, Customer Protection and Mediation Banking at Hotel Papandayan , London, Saturday (24/09/2011).

What should be known to clients the following explanation of BI:

1 ) Credit card issuers must inform the use of the services of parties other than the credit card issuer to perform billing, if the credit card issuer to use it.
 2 ) Credit card issuers submit billing information complete, accurate, and informative and done correctly and on time.
3 )   Any change in general to information shall be informed in writing back to the credit card holder.
4 )  Credit card issuers are automatically prohibited from providing facilities that have an impact on the additional costs to be borne by the holders of credit cards or other facilities outside the main functions of a credit card
 5 ) In the case of issuers using the services of a third party by such party billing is only done if the quality of credit card bills, in doubtful or loss
 6 )  Publishers must ensure the billing by the other party notice provisions in a manner that does not violate the law
 7 )  In the event the merchant transaction processing prohibited EDC cash withdrawals using a credit card.
 8 )  Merchants are prohibited from charging additional fees (surcharge) to the holders of credit cards
 9 )  Minimum payments are pegged publisher for customer liability in the amount of arrears which amounted to 10% minimum of the total bill
 10 )  Cash withdrawal limit is $ 10 million for cash withdrawals through ATMs
  Nominal boundary to be transferred via credit card is $ 25 million through the ATM

"When there are customers who feel do not get the rights that should be given by the publishers, customers may request direct to the publishers," said Sri.

If there are problems, Sri adding sometimes solved by direct bank and if it has not satisfied the customer can complain through the mediation of Bank Indonesia.


Some time ago, I decided to stop using credit cards. Therefore I called the credit card issuing bank, so they delete my account. Of course, before the rest of my bills have been paying off. Tragically, they continue to seduce me in many ways that I do not stop being their customer. I am seduced by the lure of a free annual fee, and so on. In essence, I find it difficult to give a very strong reason, that they "give up" and granted my request to terminate my membership.

I want to ask, is there any practical tips that I can do to stop the membership in the credit card issuing bank?

Thank you very much for the reply.


Hello Sir Roy tough!

Of course you may stop at any time from membership of a club, an organization, an association, let alone a credit card membership. No one has the right to forbid you to stop, so that a variety of seduction and persuasion of the various parties should not be a problem.

But the various acts of seduction and persuasion it was quite disturbing and makes you hard and uncomfortable. Well, here are some tips for saying "no" to the seller all around us in a way that diplomatically:

1. Do not say anything about the reason for your decision to quit. The more you talk, the more information that can be used by sellers to break your mind.

2. If bonuses are offered a range of facilities and other facilities, just say you do not need it. Offers a variety of other facilities is one way of them to distract you. Saying "no need" better than "not interested". "No need" is the final decision, was "not interested" means there are still opportunities.

3. Used word "no" as often as possible, because it pshikologis will further weaken the spirit of the persuader.

4. Let them talk at length without being interrupted by you. At the end of the explanation, usually they ask your opinion with the phrase "What sir?". Be careful! It is a trick to prolong the conversation. Do not argue any opinion. Powerful sentence that you can use is "Thank you for your explanation, but sorry I stick to my decision to quit."

5. Last weapon is to say you will soon be meeting or any other urgent activities so that this problem should be solved now. Remember, the longer the conversation, the more powerful seduction waged. Of course the best time to do this is during peak hours of work, so do not get caught engineering.

That we should realize, that they are simply carrying out their duties, because it remains to be sympathetic and friendly without having to sacrifice your interests. Hopefully these tips were helpful.

Tips & Tricks, 4 Ways to Secure Credit Card Transactions

True credit card users need not fear the debt collectors. That need to be anticipated is that credit card thieves do not be affected breaker credit card. How do I? Tim Info bank

Credit card crime increasingly sophisticated. Hence, the card owner must be extra careful. According to the Executive Board of Credit Card Association of Indonesia (Akki) Dodit W. Prabojakti, there are a few tips for users of credit cards to avoid misuse of credit cards.

< One > , the credit card and related documents must always be under the supervision of the cardholder. That is, if the card is lost, must be reported immediately to the bank concerned to block fast.

< Two >, if you want to transact via the internet, find a safe place. "Do not be in public places are easily intercepted, either card number or anything," said Dodit some time lau, in Jakarta.

< Three >, when wanting shopping through online shopping facility, look for a reputable provider. "Do not give card number and its expiration. Because, a certain merchant, the consumer gives a 16-digit card number and expiration period, it was entitled to debit, "advises Dodit.

So, he said, always apply caution against persuasion and goods and services offered.

< Four >, if the issuing bank call and see recent transactions, answer honestly. Therefore, it could be, it unusual transactions on your card. That's if you want your credit card safe aka not compromised. (*)

How to avoid the misuse of your Credit Card

your financial security, is of great we watch. To anticipate the possibility of risk
fraud and misuse of the card, we implement early prevention services (Early Fraud Detection) with this service allows us to notify you in case of private transactions outside of your habits.

However, we recommend that you always check your monthly billing statements to ensure that every credit card transaction you are well done by you as a cardholder.

Tips to avoid theft, fraud or abuse of the card:

1) Storing credit cards in a safe place.

2) Do not provide data or credit card information to another person or party that is not clear.

3) Check the monthly billing statement and match it with the transaction slip to ensure that transactions are printed on billing statements in accordance with the transaction you are doing. Immediately report to the bank if there are discrepancies or errors.

4) You are expected to cooperate, if the Bank to confirm the transaction is usually done by telephone.

5) Never sign a blank receipt.

How to Use Credit Cards Lucky

Practicality and ease the main reason most people use more than one credit card. Credit cards not only makes it easier when shopping (because do not have to carry cash), but also rewarding when you pay your hotel bill when it was out of the country for example. Credit cards become problematic when you have no self-control in using it. So, before having a credit card, it is important to understand how to use it intelligently.

Syafriady Hutagalung, financial planner, writing in the Financial Consultant Group defines credit cards as a form of loan account that can be used continuously in the specified time period. The man who is familiarly called Adhie this continues, the loan accounts have determined the maximum limit that can be used by the borrower. Borrowers may use these funds continuously provided does not reach the maximum limit. Each time the debt repayment of the loan will reduce the balance in the account. This means that funds can be used also increased.

Importantly, the credit card user is the borrower. So, make sure you have strong self control in order to wisely use the loan. However credit card is debt.

Adhie explains, there are some disadvantages and advantages of using a credit card:


ou will not be charged interest if you pay your debt until paid off under the grace period (prior to maturity) within 25-30 days.
*    Simplify the recording because the credit card company sends the report to your account.
*    Convenience and can be used when not have cash for unexpected needs.
*    The risk is lower than carrying cash.
*    Can be used around the world because the issuing bank in cooperation with the international financial network that is recognized around the world.
* Benefits of current widespread because the issuing bank has worked with some merchants to provide special discounts with credit cards.


*    You tend to spend more with credit cards so that a higher tendency of consumerism.
*   High interest rates. You have to pay high interest for the balance which has not been paid.


*    Save credit cards for payment by installment system. Do not get stuck to always rely on payment by credit card if you only can pay the loan by installments.
*   Do not buy their daily needs through credit cards because you'll be addicted and then get stuck with consumer debt. Pay cash for basic daily needs, and save your credit card at home.
*    Pay your bills before the due date to avoid interest.
*    Pay your bills for the amount of groceries. That is, do not indulge yourself by delaying payment of bills. If unable, then the self control to not only shopping with credit cards.